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Odin God Statue

Odin God Statue

The God of War, Runes, Words and More
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Odin Statue with Wolves and Ravens
Wise Odin Sits

The one-eyed Odin, wisest of the Aesirs, is agreeably one of the most mysterious and complex Gods of Norse mythology. Odin lost his eye in exchange for a drink from a sacred well full of knowledge. He has been called the Greatest of the Gods as well as a Trickster who will teach the Truth. The God of Words and Wisdom; he learned songs and runes by hanging onto Yggdrasil for nine days. He is also known as a transformer of consciousness, the Lord of Ravens, the All-Father, and the Master of Runes.

Details of Your Odin Statue:

Seated before you upon his royal chair, with his ravens and wolves, he is dressed in armored clothing and winged helmet. His leather arm, wrists and shin gear as well as his tunic display handsome detail. The tunic has metal breast armor as well as a leather belt with metal armor. His spear, named Grungia, which never missed is resting on his right side. On the back side, you can see the detail of his sturdy throne with Odin's cloak draping over and the stony earth it sits upon. His ravens, who informed him of the doings of the Gods, Giants, Dwarves and Men are shown here; one on his left shoulder and the other resting on the right arm of the throne. A howling wolf sits on the right side just below the raven and another on the left side patiently awaiting Odin's command.

Odin is the God of:

  • War
  • Poetry/Words
  • Runes
  • Wisdom
  • Death
  • Magic
  • Ravens

Features of this Fine Statue for your Home & Sacred Space:

  • Striking Detail
  • Hand Painted Finish
  • Museum Quality
  • Looks great in any decor
  • Crafted of Bronze Powder in Resin
  • Great Gift for those who Admire Norse Mythology, Runes, Ravens, Wolves & Magic

Your Odin Statue is approximately 7 inches wide x 10 1/4 inches tall. Each statue is crafted from Cold Cast Bronze Resin (bronze powder in resin) with hand painted detail giving you museum quality for displaying in home, studio, office and sacred space.


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