Goddess Cloak

Goddess Cloak

A Divine Moon Goddess Cloak
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Goddess Cloak

Vibrant in Violet!

This glorious Moon Goddess Cloak features a floral design on the boarder and hood. On the back of the exquisite purple cloth, a Goddess rises from a pentacle adorned chalice. Above her is the sun and below is the moon. The powerful symbolism of this stunning piece makes it a wonderful addition to any magical wardrobe.

This cloak is made of light weight cotton and measures approximately 51 inches (1.3 m). With a fully open front, the cloak includes cord ties at the neck. The photo features the large, draped hood and arm slits; both of which are included in each cloak. Machine Wash with Cold Water. Great for rituals and wanderings.

Goddesses are associated with:


  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Moon
  • Power
  • Feminine Aspects of Magic
  • Women
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