Goddess Diana Statue

Protector of The Wild Forest
Maiden Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Hunt
Also known as Artemis
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I absolutely LOVE my new hematite bracelets and Triquetra The Knot of the Goddess necklace. This is not my first order from 13 Moons and as usual the items are of great quality. I highly recommend 13 Moons to all my friends and anyone who is searching their website for Wiccan or pagan items.
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Goddess Diana
Lady of the Hunt &
Protector of The Wild Forest

The Greek Goddess Diana is most commonly associated with animals of the forests and is frequently portrayed with a deer as she is in this statue.

This statue is a model of a statue created by Leochares in Athens Greece in 325 BC.

From her crown, arm bands to the earth she walks upon, the detail is museum quality for your home, office and sacred space. She reaches back, touching her arrows with one hand as the other is grasping the young buck's antler. You statue is cast of bronze resin with handpainted highlights, the subtle colors are given a high polish finish giving you a remarkable Goddess Statue to celebrate and call upon the qualities of Diana.

Diana is characterized here as the Huntress with a small buck beside her as she reaches for an arrow from her quiver. She stands approximately 11 3/8 inches high.

This statue is based on Roman Diana of Versailles, a, larger than lifesize, marble statue located in Louvre Museum in Paris, reproduced from a lost Green bronze statue. Diana and the young deer statue is also known as Diana à la Biche (deer, doe); Diane the Huntress; Artemis of the Chase, and Artemis with the Hind (deer, doe).

Associations & Lore of Diana:

  • Loves Forest Animals
  • Converses with Animals
  • Virgin Goddess of Childbrith & Women
  • One of the Three Maidens who vowed never to marry
  • Protector of The Wild Forest
  • Swift Action
  • Abundance
  • Goddess of the Hunt
  • Hunting & Archery
  • Maiden Moon Goddess
  • Flow of Tides
  • Sister of Apollo
  • Challenging

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