Goddess Hecate and Hounds Statue

Goddess Hecate and Hounds Statue

Original Art By Marc Potts

Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft
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Goddess Hecate
By Artist Marc Potts

Graceful Hecate is portrayed standing tall with her hand on her infamous hound. Alluring, enchanting blues clothe her from head to toe. Her large, glamorous crown features a crescent moon, three hound faces on one side and feathered wings on the other representing her transitions. Hecate's hair decoration, neck plate as well as her waist adornment are handpainted in accenting colors against the blues.

She is crafted of Polystone, resin with stone powder which gives you a porcelain like statue. Overall she is handpainted and highlighted in stunning detail measuring approximately 9 3/4 inches tall. Goddess Hecate will be captivating in any space you wish to display her.

Hecate (also Hecate), Guardian of the Household and Protectress of Newly Born is known as the Goddess of:

  • The Three Paths
  • Witchcraft
  • The Night
  • The Cross Roads
  • Plants & Herbs
  • Wealth & Prospeirty
  • Moon
  • Light Bearer
  • Gate Keeper
  • Magic
  • Ghosts/Spirits
  • Necromancy
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