Black and Gold Triquetra Tapestry Single

Black and Gold Triquetra Tapestry Single

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Gold and Black Triquetra Tapestry

This elegant tapestry displays a large gold Encircled Triquetra printed in the center bordered by Celtic knot designs. A smaller celtic knot design adorns each corner.

Great for Wall Hangings, Table Cloths, Bed Spreads, Altar Cloths, Capes... more... plus sewing your personal creations.

Printed on black canvas weight cloth. Measures 72 inches x 108 inches.

Please Note: There are no returns or exchanges on this product unless grossly defective.
Colors may vary from photo as each is hand woven from different pigments at different times. Please allow for minor variations in color and design.
Minor flaws in weaving may be present.


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