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Gorgon Pendant for Feminine Wile

Gorgon Pendant for Feminine Wile

by Briar

Luring & Tempting You
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The Gorgon Pendant in Satin Bag with Chain
for Feminine Wile
From Briar's Bestiary Collection


The Wily Gorgon with her serpent like flowing mane, will lure and tempt anyone who dares to enter her lair. Each pendant measures approximately 1 x 1 3/4 inches.

From Greek Mythology there are three sisters: Euryale, Stheno and the most acclaimed and the only mortal one... Medusa. The gorgons have snakes for hair and seductively dare you to gaze upon them. Their power is to turn those to stone who dare looks upon them.

Bestiary Pendants are made of Zinc Alloy, and some are accented with crystals as shown here in the Gorgon photo. Each includes a chain and is secured in a satin pouch with an info card of the pendant's meaning.

Briar Bestiary Collection:

Originating in the ancient world, Bestiaries were made popular in the Middle Ages. Illustrated volumes described various real or imaginary animals, often having symbolic significance and accompanied by a moral lesson.

Our Briar Bestiary collection portrays some of the world’s favorite representations, and brings them to life in beautiful pendants. Each pendant is made from allergen-free zinc alloy, and some have crystal embellishments.


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