Gothic Faux Leather Bag

Gothic Faux Leather Bag

Multi-purpose, stylist faux leather bag

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Faux Leather Gothic-style Bag

The Gothic Faux Leather Bag is not only functional, but stylish as well. Maybe you’re looking for that perfect accessory for a cosplay costume, a Renn-Faire ensemble, or to store essentials for when you go on a hike in the woods. This can also be used as a charm bag or a place to carry your ritual herbs and crystals.

The belt has a variety of grommets for a comfortable fit so it can be worn either at the waist or on your hip. It has fringed faux leather and brass accents plus a two-tone colored flap concealing the zippered compartments. Who needs a fanny pack when you can wear this instead!


  • Two-tone faux leather
  • Adjustable belt with two-prong buckle
  • Two zippered pouches
  • Grommet and fringe accents
  • Measures approximately 30 to 37 inches

Please Note: These have a tendency to run on the smaller side.


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