Gothic Pentacle Necklace - LIMITED

Powerful Symbol of Protection handcrafted for your magic.

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This place is phenomenal! I got my order within 2 days after I placed it, everything was packaged very nicely and came in perfect condition, and they also included a cute little tree pendant/charm with their packing slip! I ordered some books, incense, and altar supplies--ALL of which are so beautiful. The incense smells wonderful, the goddess incense burner is my new personal favorite oh my goodness! I will definitely be ordering from here again in two weeks when it's payday! (: Amazing products, amazing service, it's a yes for me.
Ashley M.
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The Gothic Pentacle Necklace

The Pentacle has been used and worn as a powerful symbol for thousands of years. Its’ meaning has roots in philosophy, religion, Alchemy, Magic, and Mysticism.

The five points of the pentacle can represent the four elements of, fire, water, earth, and air. The fifth point of the pentacle represents the “fifth element” -Spirit.

In Hindu philosophy, this element of “spirit” is called Akasha: the substance upon which Reality is impressed. In ancient Chinese philosophy, the flow of yin and yang are responsible for the creation of the five elements.

The five points of the pentacle also symbolize the element of fire (which creates earth), earth (which creates metal), metal (which creates water), water (which creates wood), and wood (which creates fire).

The pentacle has had different meanings throughout history; Celtic priests called it “the Witch’s Foot”, the Druids considered it a sign of the “God-head”, The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, thought the symbol represented the harmony of mind and body and considered it a symbol of Good Health.

In Gnosticism, it referred to the five elements of fire, water, air, wind, and light.

In Christian iconography, the pentacle is associated with the five stigmata of Christ.

It has been called the Symbol of Man.

In rituals of magic, the pentacle is used in ritual oaths; with the point down denoting “Black Magic” and the point up denoting “White Magic”.

Understanding the history and philosophical importance of the Pentacle will help dispel the fear and negativity sometimes associated with this symbol.

The Gothic Pentacle measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter; Includes information booklet and adjustable black cord. Each is made in the U.S. by skilled artists of high quality, lead-free pewter

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