Graveyard Wand - 13 inches

Red Oak gathered at the Graveyard to aid with spiritual connection.

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Graveyard Wand
Red Oak
Quercus rubra

Each branch is gathered at the Graveyard and crafted into a unique Graveyard Wand for your ritual magic. The pictures are samples and yours will be a one of a kind wand.

The Red Oak Graveyard wand is about 13 inches. Your Graveyard Wand has been lightly sanded and rubbed with a natural beeswax and oil for protection. The bark has been left on for handle and because it looks and feels great.

Magical Uses:

  • Contact with the Spirits of the Dead
  • Knowledge
  • Strength
  • Centering
  • Counter Spells
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Masculine Energy
  • Long Life

If purchasing a wand bag for your wand, we suggest you get one 1 inch longer than the wand.

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