Great Horned Owl Feather Mini

Great Horned Owl Feather Mini

Decorate your home and use for crafts.
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Hand Painted Great Horned Owl Feather

The bringer of wisdom and prophecy


Great Horned Owls are known as protectors and guardians of secrets. The companion of Athena, the owl has long been a symbol of wisdom, education, and truth. Use this feather to draw in feminine energy, the power of prophecy, and to help with astral projections.

Cut the tip at an angle and create a beautiful quill. Perfect for spell writing and letters. Also a great choice for smudging, healing, and decoration. Measures approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) long.


Owls are associated with:


  • Secrets and Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Night & the Moon
  • Feminine Energies
  • Astral Travel
  • Prophecy and Vision
  • Creativity

Please Note: These are hand painted feathers, as it is not legal to sell, purchase, or to personally own eagle feathers.

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