Pan Candle Holder

Pan Candle Holder

King of the Arcadian Forest.

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Bronze Pan Tea Light Holder

Pan, the goat-hooved and lusty king of the Arcadian forest is the original Horned One! This representation of Pan which was designed to hold your tea lights. it is two sided; One side has a somber face and the other smirks gently with creatively crafted horns which curl to almost reach one another. A lovely piece of art! You will see the fine attention to detail from forehead, horns and hair to beard.

Each Pan Candle Holder measures approximately 4 inches tall and is cold cast with bronze color finish. Use as a candle holder or to create a lovely display and use as a statue. Great collectible item for you and friends! Nice and hefty over 1 pound!

The first tragedy (in Greek-tragoidos meaning "goat song") told the sacred story of his death and resurrection. Pan is the quintessential woodland god, demonized by the Church to diminish his powerful influence upon rural folk across Europe. Pan's Neolithic cult was later subsumed in the ecstatic wine-rituals of Dionysian Greece.


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