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Green Man Large Wand

Celebration of Ancient Powers of the Forests, Groves and Fields.

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Merry Meet! I'm thoroughly impressed with my order! Will, Chi, thank you for the Extras! As Emma just said before me, personal notes?? So Kind & Real! I have to add that your 13 Moons Oils, are working already, displaying solid power. Double impressed there.
Salem Jones
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Green Man Wand
By Abby Willowroot

The essence of wild nature and the untamed realms, the Green Man represents the ever-returning, every changing cycles of plants, animals, all nature and the sacred groves. The Green Man is the embodiment of positive, reverent, Male Energy. It is male energy that flows in harmony with the Goddess and the female principles of birth and life.

This is a terrific Green Man Magic Wand; there is a smiling Green Man on the front above a green jade or aventurine stone stone. A running Green Man figure adorns the back side of this highly textured Magic Wand. Abundant oak leaves adorn the wood textured shaft of this wand.

A perfect Magic Wand for anyone who wants to work with positive, eternal male powers and walk in a healing, positive, powerful, and reverent way.

Clear Crystal Point adorns the top of the wand; Wand measures 12 inches long.
The Green Man Wand is carefully crafted in 100% lead-free pewter for strength, conductivity, and beauty.

Each wand is hand crafted here in the U.S. at Willowroot's Wand Studio.

This is a special order and will ship separately from other items you may order. Ships from Willowroot's Studio.

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