Green Witches Besom

Green Witches Besom

Embrace the Magick of the Green Witch!
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Green Witches Besom

Crafted with a Green "Lightning" Handle & Green and Black Broomcorn

Enchantment of The Green Witch Powers are found within this beautiful custom broom. The green colors give your broom a calm healing feel. If you're trying to channel protective power, healing energy, practical use or magic to your space, this is a great choice. What a perfect choice for the Healing Witch, the Celtic Witch or, for those born under an Earth Element sign of the zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus or, Virgo.

Approximately 53 to 55 inches (around 1.3 to 1.397 meters), this superior quality dyed broom features a richly colored broomcorn and pine wood handle. Each broom is handcrafted using 150+ year old equipment by a 6th generation broom making family! It is hand stitched, the old fashioned way, using a strong polypropylene thread that doesn't stretch. This creates a tightly stitched, superior quality house broom. Your broom will last many many years with proper care.

Please Note: There are no preservatives in the dyes, so fading can occur if left in sunlight. Also, do not allow this broom to get wet because the color will bleed. With the natural dyed broomcorn, you may notice highlights of yellow/greenish or even green/bluish colors. This is a normal when dying natural fibers like broomcorn.

Each "Lightning" Broomstick is unique and no two are alike. The lightning is not carved or painted, it is a result of high voltage electricity pumped through the handle to reveal the electrifying lightning bolts.

Each custom broom is unique and will vary from the photo. You will have a one-of-a-kind broom for practical or magical work!

Traditionally brooms and besoms have been used for:


  • Sweeping Evil and Negativity from your Path
  • Preparing your Space for Ritual
  • Hand-fasting/Wedding Gift
  • House Warming Gift
  • Protection from Bad Luck
  • "Jump the Broom" for Wedding/Hand-fasting

Please Note: If you would like a broom for Halloween/Samhain or a Yule gift, plan ahead - the Autumn months and Yule season are our busiest time for brooms and besoms.

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