Dorothy Morrison

Dorothy Morrison is known for her incredible handcrafted spell candles.  These candles are supremely powerful with stunning colors and potent, delicious scents!

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  1. Bitch Be Gone Candle
  2. Bitch Be Gone Oil
  3. Come to Mama Candle
  4. Everything and Then Some Candle
  5. Everything and Then Some Oil
  6. Fast Cash Candle
  7. Fast Cash Oil
  8. Flying Monkeys Candle
  9. Flying Monkeys Oil
  10. Forever Mine Candle
  11. Forever Mine Oil
  12. It Sucks To Be You Candle
  13. Makin Tracks Candle
  14. Outta My Way Candle
  15. Poof! Candle
    Poof! Candle
  16. Red Stilettos Candle
  17. Shut Your Mouth Candle
  18. Shut Your Mouth Oil
  19. Tornado Alley Candle
  20. Wakin The Dead Candle
  21. Wishin Candle
  22. Wishin Oil
    Wishin Oil
Grid List

22 Items

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