Whimsical Altar Set

Whimsical Altar Set

A Lovely and Simple Altar Set Individually prepared here at 13 Moons
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Whimsical Altar Tool Set

This set is cute, colorful and practical! A wonderful set packed into a small box.


This Set Includes:


  • Blue Pentacle Altar Box
  • Tree of Life Chalice
  • Hecate's Athame
  • 6 inch Wooden Wand crafted at 13 Moons
  • Mini Besom
  • Altar Incense
  • Brass Incense Burner
  • Spell Bottle
  • Copper Offering Bowl
  • Brass Mini Bell
  • Black Candle
  • White Candle
  • Silver Candle Holder
  • Gold Candle Holder
  • Pentacle Altar Cloth

Please Note: No Shipment of Athame in Altar Tool Set to Australia or Greece. Customs will remove all blades from your package. We will remove it before shipping to customers in Australia or Greece.


Information on the Meaning and Uses of the Altar Tools
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Altar Box: Your Altar Tools are kept organized, efficiently stored and readily available in a 5 x 8 inch wooden box. Uniquely colored Pentacle carved box. A blue wash style has been painted at the engravings giving the wood a golden sheen against the blue. The top of the hinged box features a Pentacle in the center with many floral designs overall. Not only versatile, your boxed set is compact and portable.

Open the hinged box top to reveal your set of Altar Tools. Remove the Tools you will need for your Ritual. When you complete your Ritual, simply place everything back in the box and tucked away from the nosey people in your life!

Athame: The Hekate Athame is a 5 1/4 inch wood handle athame with black sheath. Your athame is used to direct your energy. Your spirit and vitality increases when you cast your circle. As the circle is cast with your blade the firey energy will provide you with direction and protection.

The athame is used to invoke the Element of Fire in Wicca. Fire provides your spirit with the power to direct your energy and vitality. Some do use the athame as a tool of air.

Wand: Wands have been used for thousands of years in ceremonial and spiritual ways. The wand represents Air in Wicca but sometimes Fire in other magical paths is associated with male energy and sacred to The God.

With your wand you can:

  • Call upon deities to join in your rituals
  • Channel Energy
  • Draw the Magic Circle
  • Create your Sacred Space
  • Direct Energy
  • Use for Healing
  • Draw Negative Energy from dis-eased body
  • Release Energy in the direction the Ritual Wand is pointed
  • Charge objects
  • Bless others, tools and items
  • Draw Magic Symbols


Your Ritual Wand is approximately 6 inches long and crafted at 13 Moons for your magical rituals. Each is a gift of nature, gently created and hand rubbed with oil and beeswax. You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

Chalice: Your Chalice is the tool for the element Water. Sharing the element of Water by drinking, flowing, and giving. The Ancient Tree of Life, embossed on your new Chalice, provides a wonderful feeling with deep roots for your magical workings.

Your chalice is silver plated, food/drink-safe and measures approximately 3 1/2 inches.

In Wicca your Chalice may be a direct symbol of the Goddess. This Chalice can be used with water, wine, tea for the Craft. Also called Goblet and Cup in many magical workings.

Candles: A black and white candle, along with a metal silver and gold star candle holder, are included in your Travel Altar Tool Set. Your black and white candles for the altar are representative of many things, such as the Gods and Goddesses, the left-hand and right-hand paths (with the Witch or Magician walking the balance between), the Yin and Yang, duality, etc.

Pentacle Protection Besom: The Besom can be used to sweep away negative energies and bad spirits.

Altar Cloth: Your Ritual Altar Cloth measures approximately 16 x 16 inches. It is Purple with Black Celtic design and a Pentacle with fringed borders.

Altar cloths are used in sacred areas for protection during your rituals. Use a cloth on your altar table to protect the surface, as you turn the mundane into magical. Cloths are used to decorate and create a center to place your Altar Tools. Your focus is on your Altar to honor life, bless your tools and work magic.

Brass Incense Burner: Measuring approximately 2 inches. Representing the Element Water, the direction of West and also the Fire Element.

Pentacle Spell Bottle: We have blended herbs, resins and/or roots to work your spell. This is an all purpose blend for whatever you need, want or desire!

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