Mermaid Love Goddess Pendant

Mermaid Love Goddess Pendant

Druid Pagan Princess, Dahud
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Druid Mermaid Pendant
Dahud: Celtic Goddess of Love

Design by Qrys Bennett

The story of Dahud, a Druid Pagan Princess, tells of how one religion supplanted another in the Ancient world of Pagans and Christians. The daughter of a Christian King and a Druid Sorceress, Dahud was a Pagan and Druid through and through. She was adored by her people as a goddess and leader. Her legend had to be destroyed in the quest to supplant the Druid religion with Christianity. Christians began to alter the old Celtic stories to portray Druidess Heroines [i.e. Knowledgeable Women] and the whole Druid Order as Evil Witches and Sorcerers.

Dahud was portrayed by them as wickedly licentious, a goddess of debauchery, to make her and all Druids seem evil to any potential Christian converts. Dahud was strongly opposed to Christianity, and therefore a Christian legend was created that God had her whole city destroyed by a flood and that she, drowning with her people, was transformed into a Mermaid as she sank beneath the waves thus proving that the Christian God was supreme.

Dahud also symbolizes a rebellion against Christian Masculine authority... The full significance of this becomes clear when one considers her unrestrained, passionate, "licentious" Pagan lifestyle as completely against the restrictive teachings of the Early Church.

This intricate, two sided pendant measures approximately 1 1/4 inches x 1 inch. Each includes an adjustable black cord


  • Druid Pagan Princess, Dahud
  • Love, Lust and Passion
  • Double Sided Pendant
  • Made of Lead Free Hallmark Brand Pewter
  • Made in USA by American Artisans
  • Includes Free Adjustable Cord



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