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Blue Altar Cloth 36x36

Blue Altar Cloth 36x36

Handmade at 13 Moons for your rituals and ceremonies.

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Blue Altar Cloth

Handmade by Nokomis at 13 Moons

Handmade by 13 Moons pagan seasstress Nokomis, this 36 inch (91 cm) square cloth is perfect for your altar and/or divination. Each altar cloth is lightly washed with lavender oil rinse for a pleasant cleansing, then dried, folded and sent to our shelves awaiting you to choose!

Your altar cloth is machine washable and can be dried on tumble or hung to dry Each cloth is 36x 36 inches (91 cm). Please Note: Color pigment may slightly vary from photo as material will vary from time to time when purchased for sewing.

Blue is associated with:

  • The Throat Chakra
  • Communication
  • Water
  • Harmony
  • Focus
  • Removing Negativity
  • Cleansing Negative Energies
  • Domestic Harmony

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