Pillar Candles

Our Handcrrafted Pillar Candles come in many colors and sizes for your ritual needs! Choose between solid, unscented candles or spell candles made with oil and herb blends!


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  1. Ghost Hunter Candle Ghost Hunter Candle
  2. Laughing Buddha Green Candle Laughing Buddha Green Candle
  3. Laughing Buddha Yellow Candle Laughing Buddha Yellow Candle
  4. Quiet Spirit/Ghost Candle Quiet Spirit/Ghost Candle
  5. Release Spirit Candle Release Spirit Candle
  6. Rid Nightmares Candle Rid Nightmares Candle
  7. Rid Spirit/Ghost Candle Rid Spirit/Ghost Candle
  8. Spirit Communication Candle Spirit Communication Candle
  9. Uncrossing Hoodoo Candle 2x3
  10. White Sage Candle 2x3
  11. Cleanse and Bless Candle Cleanse and Bless Candle
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Grid List

11 Items

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