Freya Voodoo Doll for Love and More

Freya Voodoo Doll for Love and More

Handmade for Your Altar and Spellcrafting
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Freya Mini Altar Doll

Handmade Freya Voodoo Doll for calling upon Love, Beauty, Psychic Abilities and more.

Freya is known for:

  • Love
  • Beauty
  • Fertility
  • War and Death
  • Summer
  • Cats
  • Seer

Norse Goddess Freya rules over her heavenly afterlife field Folkvangr, where she receives half of those souls which die in battle. Queen of the Vanir and Commander of the Valkyries, she flies using her hawk wing cloak and protects love relationships. Freya possesses a chariot drawn by two giant cats and has a love of jewelry and ornament. Her most precious possession is the necklace Brisingamen which she won from the dwarves. In ancient times, gold was often referred to as "Freya's tears".

Each doll is handmade by a Voodoo Doll Maker from New Orleans. Material and accessories may vary from the photo. Each doll has herbs of birch and elder.


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