Transformation Wand - Padfoot Wizard Style

Transformation Wand - Padfoot Wizard Style

One of a Kind for your Rituals and Gift Giving
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Transformation Wand - Padfoot Wizard Style

Handcrafted 13 inch Wand

Wands have been used for thousands of years in ceremonial and spiritual ways. The wand represents Air in Wicca but sometimes Fire in other magickal paths. Wands are also associated with male energy and sacred to The God.

Your Curse Breaker Wand is approximately 13 inches long which is custom made for 13 Moons for your magical rituals. Each will vary as each wand is individually turned and stained with carvings on the handle. You can further accent and personalize your Ritual Wand if you wish.

This is a Harry Potter "Padfoot Wizard Wand Style" better known as 'Sirius Black': "The symbols engraved on the handle are runic magic symbols. It is said that these carving say "more or less human", pointing to him (Sirius) being an animagus (witch or wizard who can transform at will into an animal). These symbols are related and used for Divination & Fortune Telling.

Features of the Curse Breaker Wand:


  • Exclusive Design for 13 Moons & Customers
  • Unique Style
  • Long Lasting Ritual Tool
  • Nice Hand Hold
  • Lovingly Crafted
  • Fantastic Gift for the Harry Potter Aficionado
  • Made by Crafters of Harry Potter Wands
  • Measure Approximately 13 inches
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