Maple Spiral Swirl Wand 13 inches

Maple Spiral Swirl Wand 13 inches

Create magic for Happiness, Abundance and Prosperity
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Sugar Maple Wand

Acer saccharum

This 13 inch long wand is made from Maple. The spiral swirl has been carved for the beauty and special feel. The entire wand has been given a natural coating of beeswax and oil for protection.

Beautiful Sugar Maple: Most of us are familiar with the maple's "wings" or the "helicopters" which are the seeds with wings. They are lovely to watch as they flutter down falling to the earth to plant themselves. There are many varieties of Maple (over 125) and they are found in EurAsia, Africa, and here on Turtle Island.

Magickal Associations:

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Moon; Lunar
  • Water Element
  • Happiness
  • Decisions
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Learning
  • Wisdom
  • Used for Wands
  • Used for May Poles
  • Feminine
  • Change
  • Used for Staffs
  • Moon Magick
  • Travel

Gathered in the woods at 13 Moons and handcrafted for your Magick.

The photograph is the unique one of a kind wand you will be receiving.

If you buy a wand bag make sure you get one an inch longer than the wand.


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