Hawthorn Thorns

For Use in Charms, Mojo, Spell Bottles and Doll/Image Magick.

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13 Moons

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Everything came packaged up very nicely, and quicker than expected. I am being attacked spiritually, and physically. My whole life I have had a gift. Things would just find their way to me. They still do. It became so overpowering for me, I blocked the bad stuff. Now, I believe someone is physically, spiritually attacking me. I am working for protection- from the nameless who is attacking me. Long story short, my body is failing. But my spirit is strong. So with my spirit, and my faith, I will protect and banish the entity feeding off of me. Thank you for the supplies, I will be using them to stop the hatred before it harms anyone else. Thank you for aiding me in my journey.
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Hawthorn Thorns

This is a package of five hawthorn thorns.

Magickal uses:

  • Charm and Mojo bags
  • Voodoo doll magick
  • Witches bottles
  • Faery contact

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