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Healer's Almanac by Patricia Shaw

Explore Patty's book to change your entire approach to how you manage your healthcare.
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Thank you so much for my products!!! Very pleased with everything inside and even received something I didn't order as a thank you for ordering. I'm new to this and all my items will help me with my path. Everything came sooner than expected and was very organized. I will be returning again and again. Thank you guys again!!!
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Healer's Almanac
Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses

by Patricia Shaw

The Healer's Almanac will define the many alternative therapies available and introduce you to health practitioners that provide those treatments.

More than just a reference book, the Almanac is your guide as you journey through a year of healing. Offering meditations, inspiration and humor, the Healer's Almanac will bring you closer to achieving the physical and emotional well being you have longed for.

Healers Almanac is an introduction to Alternative Healing and defines many of the more popular Alternative Healing therapies and medicines. Learn how they help us and when they are most beneficially used. This is also an invitation to begin a spiritual journey to awaken our desire and courage to live empowered lives from goddesses we can relate to; 21st Century Goddesses!

Don’t miss an opportunity to explore this book because it can change your entire approach to how you manage you and your family’s healthcare.

There is a lot of information to weed through when it comes to Alternative healing and that can be overwhelming. Patty has organized this information for us and presented it in a clear and easy to understand way. Many alternative modalities are described and the resource section in the back tells us where to find practitioners in our area.

What is most exciting about this Almanac is that it is for everyone, both for home health care and for professionals. This book is very practical and delivers a tremendous amount of information for our first aid kits and for seeking the prefect complementary healthcare, but Patty makes it very personal too! She had created deeply beneficial meditations hosted by modern day goddesses. Here is what she says about that;

“Just as we are different from our ancestor, today’s goddesses are different too. They have been upgrading along with us, and their usefulness is more potent if we can relate to their images. So, out with Kali, the Goddess of Life and Death and in with Kristen, the Goddess of Shadow and Light.”

"The answer to our probing questions come within... They are disguised as the pain locked in our body and mind." - Patty Shaw

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