Fireside Witches Broom

Use in magical rituals, cleansing ceremonies, hand-fasting and sweat lodges.

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Ride a Broom

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I love 13 Moons!!! Just became aware of this amazing metaphysical site, and now only want to shop here for supplies :) Thanks to their excellent selection, packaging and shipping, they make casting a beautiful and highly effective way of sending out intentions. I highly recommend them for those wishing to find the tools they need to send out their intentions in the best way possible. Many thanks to 13 Moons, and Blessings to All . . .
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Witches Hearth
Handmade with
Natural Wood and Multi Color Broomcorn

This handcrafted, old world style hearth broom is functional yet crafted for, you, our magical Witch and Wizard friends. Each Hearth Broom is approximately 30 inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds. Natural wood branches are used; some are straight and some are curvy and each is handcrafted individually and may vary slightly from the photo.

Traditional round, untrimmed broom allows for cleaning uneven surfaces and deep recessed mortar joints such as stone or brick. You will also love this broom for ritual and ceremonial purposes. Hang when not in use with your other cleaning or ritual tools which will protect the broomcorn from bending damage.

Features of Your Handmade Hearthside Broom

  • Handfasting/Wedding Gift
  • House Warming Gift
  • Protection from Bad Luck
  • "Jump the Broom" for wedding/hand fasting
  • Sweep away Evil and Negatives
  • Sweep away Debris
  • Hang in Entrance-way, as well as under your bed, for Protection, Harmony and Good Luck.

Please Note: If you would like a broom for Halloween/Samhain or a Yule gift, plan ahead - the Autumn months and Yule season are our busiest time for brooms and besoms.

The association between witches and brooms goes back to ancient times. The pagan community would come together for ceremonies to ensure healthy crops. During the ritual they would mount pitchforks, poles, and brooms; and ride them like horses into the fields, leaping high into the air and dancing. During medieval times brooms were a symbol of female domesticity. Since most witches were female, the broom became intrinsically linked with Witches. In modern times, brooms are reminders of the power and unlimited possibilities of the Wiccan path.

About your Broom:

  • The broom sticks are harvested, sustainably, in Oregon with a local restoration program. The sticks then go into a kiln for drying. A band saw is used in a very unusual, creative way to shapes and sculpt your broom stick... many times you will see a wood spirit peering.
  • The best 100% broomcorn called "hurl" is used in creating each broom. The broomcorn is hand-dyed with non toxic dyes which are stable and when used under normal circumstances will not bleed.
  • A broom winder, from an original machine in the 1800's is used to apply the broomcorn to the stick. Then a post Civil War era boom vice is used to flatten and sew the broomcorn. From the vice, the brooms go to the "Kick Winder" where platting the broom stalks is done. Once the broom is finished, it goes to the "cropper", another 1800's tool, to be trimmed to the desired shape, whether rounded, straight or angled.
  • Each is hand-made and will vary slightly in size, color and weight.

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Lovely besom, beautiful energyReview by Erika Z.
I just want to say how much I love every besom I have ordered from 13 Moons. This one in particular is just so magical with the unique color pattern and excellent craftsmanship. It is so clear when you hold and use this besom that it was made with love and magic. Already tried some astral travel with her and she made a wonderful ally. What a beautiful besom to cast a circle as well.
I feel that she would be perfect for handfasting. I hope to find out someday, Goddess willing! (Posted on 8/14/2018)

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