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Hecate, Triple Form - Marble Finish Statue

Hecate, Triple Form - Marble Finish Statue

Greek Goddess of Magic, Witchcraft Guardian of the Household & Protectress
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Hecate Bone
Greek Goddess of Magic

Hecate in Three Form is crafted of cold cast resin giving a marble-like finish. She stands approximately 11 3/4 inches tall.

Hecate, The Light Bearer who travels the three worlds: Earth, Heaven and the Underworld will protect you on your path through life. Place her upon an altar, entranceway table or shelf and allow her to Guard your home and family.

Goddess Hecate stands in Triple Form, each wears a different crown as well as holding something different. One is holding two Torches (lighting the way); One is holding a Dagger (protection) and Torch (lighting the way) and One has the Snake of Regeneration entwined on her arm as well as holding a Key.

Hecate (also Hekate), Guardian of the Household and Protectress of Newly Born is known as the Goddess of:

  • The Three Paths
  • Witchcraft
  • The Night
  • The Cross Roads
  • Plants & Herbs
  • Wealth & Prospeirty
  • Moon
  • Light Bearer
  • Gate Keeper
  • Key Holder
  • Magic
  • Ghosts/Spirits
  • Necromancy
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