Hecate Treasure Box

Hecate Treasure Box

Guardian of the Household to Protect your Treasures
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Hecate Bronze Trinket Box

The Greek Goddess of Magic to protect your Treasures

Hecate, the Triple Goddess stands before you on the top of one of the most elegant treasure boxes I have seen. She is featured in her triple moon design on the top and each side with further art work of trees, triple moon art and flowing swirl art.

Hekate holds her torches as she lights the way; as well as her Dagger and Key. The Snake of Regeneration entwines on her arm. Flying above her is a raven and standing guard beside are her hounds. At her feet you will find the most intricate designed skull.

Each section of this elaborate box is adorned with bas-relief style artwork. A treasure to behold! Set upon your favorite table or shelf filled with gems and jewelry.


  • Triple Goddess Hecate
  • Triple Moon Designs on the sides
  • Tree Art Work
  • Hecate's Torches 
  • Snake of Regeneration
  • Hecate's Hounds
  • Bas-Relief Art
  • Cold Cast Bronze (Bronze powder with casting resin)
  • Hand painted Details
  • Polished Finish 
  • High Quality Art for you
  • Measures approximately 6.125 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches
  • Weighs approximately 1 pound+

Hecate (also Hekate), Guardian of the Household and Protectress of Newly Born is known as the Goddess of:

  • The Three Paths
  • Witchcraft
  • The Night
  • The Cross Roads
  • Plants & Herbs
  • Wealth & Prospeirty
  • Moon
  • Light Bearer
  • Gate Keeper
  • Key Holder
  • Magic
  • Ghosts/Spirits
  • Necromancy

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