Mini Hecate Voodoo Doll

Mini Hecate Voodoo Doll

Handmade for Your Altar and Spellcrafting
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Hecate Mini Altar Doll

Hecate, a divinity of the Underworld and companion of Persephone, is called the Queen of Night and the Goddess of the Crossroads; her three faces are turned towards as many directions, and her name was shrieked at night at the cross-roads of cities. She is often seen bearing torches, and it is with them that she killed Clytius in the course of the Gigantomachy. Hecate is regarded as supreme, both in Heaven and in the Underworld, and it is said that Zeus calls upon her whenever any man on earth offers sacrifices, and prays for favour.

Goddess Hekate:
  • Goddess of the Three Paths
  • Goddess of Witchcraft
  • Queen of the Night
  • Goddess of the Cross Roads
  • Guardian of the Household
  • Protector of the Newly Born
  • Power & Success

Each doll is handmade by a Voodoo Doll Maker from New Orleans. Material and accessories may vary from the photo. Each doll contains herbs of Lavender, Peppermint and Dandelion.


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