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by Silver RavenWolf

Interested in Becoming a Hedge Witch?
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Hedge Witch
Spells, Crafts & Rituals For Natural Magick
by Silver RavenWolf

In years past, the practice of Witchcraft was focused around a group known as a "coven." Over the last few decades, however, there has been a paradigm shift. Many have chosen to work by themselves as solitary Witches. A Hedge Witch is someone who primarily practices by himself or herself, isn't necessarily attached to any "tradition," and usually incorporates large amounts of natural magic, herb lore, and similar practices.

Now, one of the most popular writers on Witchcraft, Silver RavenWolf, shares her vast knowledge of the subject, in her long-awaited new book, HedgeWitch. It's everything you need to follow the Hedge Witch path in a fun, easy-to-follow format.

HedgeWitch is perfect for beginning Hedge Witches and followers of any natural magickal path. As you practice the techniques and use the methods in this book you will harmonize with the world of nature, learn powerful potions for self-improvement, and brew within yourself the enigma of the treasures of earth, water, and sky.

Your Sourcebook to Success

For years, most people in the world have only seen a glimpse of the natural empowerment tools of the Hedge Witch. There have been records of what are essentially Hedge Witches in all cultures over thousands of years. Stories of their deeds have become legends. Now, with the simple lessons in this book and a bit of dedication and practice, you can become a Hedge Witch, too.

The key to this is the fourteen-step Guide for Change. You can work on a step every day, or once a week, or take even longer. It's up to you and you can go at your own rate. There's no need to rush. Most people will work the steps the traditional Hedge Witch way: by themselves. But there's no need to be stuck in some dogmatic past. You can also work these steps with a group of your friends, your family, or even in a classroom setting. The choice is yours. Each step allows you to interact with a different aspect of nature, such as the starry night sky, the rain, metals, mountains, and more. Each step includes an affirmation to be repeated throughout the day, an activity related to the subject of the day such as airing out the house or washing your car. Do you get the idea yet? Being a Hedge Witch isn't something you do on occasion. It is part of everything you do every day.

You'll also create a unique sigil or sign for the step of the day, gather or obtain certain herbs for a ritual, and then perform the ritual that blesses a magickal tool or "key" for the day. After you complete the steps in the Guide and know that this is a path you wish to follow, the work culminates with the Hedge Witch Dedication Ceremony, included in the book.

Your Future as a Hedge Witch

Being a Hedge Witch is filled with joy, fulfillment, and discovery. While the basic ideas of the steps leading to your dedication give you all of the instructions you need, you can always add additional information and techniques to it. There's no need for other books and resources. HedgeWitch gives you a lifetime full of extras you can use.

  • Practice full moon water magick
  • Work with prayer beads
  • Learn to use a scrying bowl
  • Make a practical furniture polish
  • Discover how to do tea leaf readings
  • Make your own soaps
  • Perform butterfly garden magick
  • Make organic bug killers
  • Grow organic herbs

In fact, Silver RavenWolf's HedgeWitch is literally filled to overflowing with lots of spells, formulas, tips, rituals, helpful hints, and fun, around-the-house projects you can use to enhance your magick and improve your life. If you're interested in becoming a Hedge Witch or just want the latest gem from Silver, this is the book for you.

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