Hemlock Wand - 10 inches

Use in all your meditation practices

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I am very happy with my products. I enjoyed the sweet little cat charm that was included with the hand signed receipt. An added touch that made me smile. A very good shopping experience. I will continue to order from 13 moons. :)
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Hemlock Wand
Tsuga canadensis

This wand measures approximately 10 inches long. It has a bark handle and is hand rubbed with a finish made of beeswax and oil. .

The Hemlock trees are the opposite of the Pine Tree. Pine is Male/Yang energy and the Hemlock is Feminine/Yin energy. Hemlock is useful for darker workings and dark Moon magick. Useful for Meditation, grounding, healing and more.

The photograph is the unique one of a kind wand you will be receiving.

If you buy a wand bag make sure you get one an inch longer than the wand.

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