Hestia Statue

Hestia Statue

Lady of Hearth & Home
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Lady of Hearth & Home

Hestia, the Virgin Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home, will bring blessings upon your domestic life.

In this wonderfully detailed figure, the household goddess stands modestly enrobed holding the eternal flame of the hearth. Accented with copper red strands, the torch by which she stands and the flames she holds lick the air with vibrant vitality without the risk of ever dying out

Hestia's symbol is the circle: she provides the sacred space for the sacred fire and her hearths and temples were round; symbolic of the ever present circle, protecting the sacred flame!

In very early Greek literature, "The Central Fire", or "Hearth of the Universe", was thought to be the Goddess, Hestia. The hearth flame was felt as a spiritual presence, a living symbol of the Goddess herself. Finding one's "center", or "sacred space", can bring profound changes to the life experience. When we live and breathe from that place, we can experience being in the center of our self, our world, our universe, and beyond. We can feel "at home" wherever we go, whatever the circumstances. We feel safe and protected, yet connected to all around us. Increased energy, vitality, joy, and peace surround us.

The cold cast resin figure has a striking bronzed finish and stands 11 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 3.5 inches deep. Hestia`s resemblance would make an elegant accent in any room, especially one with a fireplace.

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