Hexagram of Solomon Talisman

Ward Off Negative & Evil Influences
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The Hexagram of Solomon Talisman

Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, the 3rd King of Israel (967 BC,) was a Master Magician who had authority over all the Spirits as well as all the Birds and Beasts.

The Magical Symbol consists of two intertwining Triangles: the downward pointing triangle represents The Spirit, the Masculine, Fire, Energy. The upward pointing represents The Feminine, Water, Energy.

The Spirit descends from above toward Matter to fashion and give it Life while Matter looks upward, receptively open to Elaboration by the Spirit.

At all the points of the Hexagram and in the center are Tau Crosses that provide Protections from all directions.

This Ancient design is a Protective Talisman to ward off Negative or Evil influences and to aid in Attaining Perfection. Solomon's Seal is said to have been cut into the bezel of King Solomon's ring and can work Miracles.

The Shield of Solomon Double Sided Pendant measures 1 1/8 inches and is cast of fine lead-free, kid-safe pewter in the U.S. by American artists. Your Shield of Solomon Talisman has been carefully reproduced and includes an adjustable black cord, with accent bead and small descriptive booklet.

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