Honey Locust Runes

Honey Locust Runes

For Ridding Negatives & More
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Honey Locust Rune Set

Honey Locust Rune Set featuring the Elder Futhark. Contains 25 tiles (including the blank). Each set includes a drawstring bag. Each natural rune set will vary as does Honey Locust in nature and will not match the photo exactly.

Experience the magick of Honey Locust which has touched the Air, Earth, Water and is known for Blessings and Spell Work. Honey Locust is also known as Thorny Honey Locust or Thorny Locust.

Honey Locust is known for:
  • Protection
  • Faery World
  • Beauty
  • Binding
  • Ridding Negatives
  • Dark Moon
  • Strength
  • Beauty

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