Hypnotic Vortex Scrying Mirror

Experience instant altered state in minutes.

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Hypnotic Scrying Mirror

The scrying medium doesn't matter as much as your ability to stare at an object and achieve a trance state; with this hypnotic vortex mirror, you will experience instant altered state in minutes. This is a dual mirror: Use the vortex side to get into an altered state quickly, flip the mirror over to use the plain, black side for scrying.

Scrying means to perceive or reveal. Once in a trance state, using this mirror as a portal, one could bring in hidden knowledge and clairvoyant ability. Objects used for scrying are reflective, translucent, or luminescent. Ancient Greeks used the reflections in pools of water. Nostradamus used black obsidian bowls with water. The most common are any reflective black objects such as plastic, glass, water, or black semi-precious gemstones like black obsidian.


  • Non-Breakable Black Acrylic Mirror
  • Use Both Sides - Dual Function
  • Use for Altar Plate & Scrying Mirror
  • Yin Yang Design
  • Sacred Tree Art
  • Dual Purpose Microfiber Sleeve
  • Measures 8 inches diameter x 1/4 inch thick
  • Instructions included
  • Comes with a microfiber sleeve for storage, protection, and cleaning.

Each side of the Sacred Mirror can be used for scrying. The back side, with no image, is an excellent plain mirror that can be used for past life regression. With proper suggestions, one can visualize their face as it morphs through different past lives.

The Microfiber sleeve not only provides protection for your mirror, it is also excellent for cleaning and removing fingerprints. It serves a dual purpose.

Please Note: No stand is included. Please choose one from our displays and stands.

Scrying, catoxtromancy, magick mirror is divining by means of a looking glass. Most commonly used is a mirror painted black; the ancients used black glass, black stones, pools of water, a stream of water, a pond or a bowl of water along with crystal balls and dark stones to divine. Use your mirror for the following and more: contacting spirits and guides; learning of the future or other knowledge; gaining past, present and future information; use for gaining knowledge for healing and ritual guidance; shamanic journeys; astral traveling, etc.

The most effective use of a black mirror is to set it where you and others (if working in a group) will not see your own reflection; you may want to set it so that you are looking at it from an angle. As the ancients used a bowl of water or small pool of water, gaze into the mirror as you would gaze into the depths of a pool. Allow your physical eyes to relax as you allow your inner psychic sight to open.

Your Scrying Mirror should only be used for divination. Keep it covered and stored away from everyday energies. Keep it clean and dust free. Traditionally, Mugwort was used to clean a scrying mirror and you can even store a bit of Mugwort with your mirror for protection and energy.

When working with your mirror, it is best to turn off electric lights and work by candle light.. Some feel that working at night with their mirror is more successful than in the hours of the sun. If you can only work with your mirror in the daytime, choose a dark room. Also you may find different times of the moon phase are more successful for you.

Many blessings on your journeys with your scrying mirror!

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