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Beltane Ritual - 13 Moons

Beltane Ritual

Sabbats13 Moons
Beltane Ritual For Solitary; Easily adapted for Group Ritual by StormWing, ©1996 – 2023Preparation & Set Up This Ritual shall be performed at w...
Beltane Lore - 13 Moons

Beltane Lore

Sabbats13 Moons
Beltane - May Day Lore  Beltane is celebrated around April 30 for the Northern Hemisphere; November 1 for the Southern Hemisphere. Beltane (most co...
Celebrate and Honor Beltane This Year - 13 Moons

Celebrate and Honor Beltane This Year

Sabbats13 Moons
By honoring Beltane through rituals such as dancing around maypoles or gathering in circles around bonfires—we can cultivate gratitude for our planet and respect for each other.