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Isa Rune Pendant: Calm before Changes

Isa Rune Pendant: Calm before Changes

Ice: Stagnation, Reluctance to Change
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Isa Rune Pendant

Isa: (I: Is-sa: Ice.) The ancient meaning of the Isa Rune is that of Ice. In the modern day the Isa meaning is concerned with rest, stagnation, inflexibility and reluctance to change, calm before new birth/changes.

Each handmade pendant is crafted from Naturally Shed Deer Antler which is collected from the forest ground. Carine hand cuts each and smooths to a soft finish then carefully carves the rune by hand. The pendant varies in size from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/4 inches. Each includes an adjustable black cord.

Antler bones are natural and may vary in color from the photo. Each is handmade and you will receive a personal, unique Isa pendant.


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