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Ishtar Statue

Goddess of Love, War and Harvests
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Ishtar, Queen of Heaven and Earth Akkadian & Babylonian Goddess of Love, War and Harvests
by Derek W. Frost

Standing upon her two sacred lions, decorated by chainmaille and scaley leg coverage, she has the symbol of the sun around her head with wings flowing behind her.

Ishtar is known as "she who endowed the king with prestige." Her priestesses were credited with bringing forth bountiful crops and prosperity as well as serving Ishtar's temples well versed in rituals of sacred sexuality.

Ishtar is traced back to Inanna, the Ancient Sumerian Goddess of Love, Fertility, Battle, Protection and Queen of all Pleasures and Desire. Inanna is the name of the ancient Sumerian Goddess that later came to be known as Ishtar by the Akkadians and Babylonians. Symbolizing the Planet Venus: as the Morning Star, she is the Goddess of Battle and Protection and as the Evening Star, she is the Queen of all Pleasure and Desire.

Her measurements are approximately 5 1/4 x 5 3/4 inches x 12 inches tall. She is cast of cold cast resin and finished in bronze and hand polished. Heavy weight, finely made statue weighs over 3 1/2 pounds.