Egyptian Goddess Blend Resin Incense

Egyptian Goddess Blend Resin Incense

For Ceremonial and Ritual Use

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Egyptian Goddess Isis Blend Resin Incense

By Mystic Temple

Isis resin incense blend is a combination of Frankincense, Benzoin, Lavender and more. It is wonderful for Egyptian-oriented rituals, especially with Isis, for celebrations, meditations and rituals.

To Use: Light Charcoal, place in flameproof container, place a bit of resin on charcoal. Add more as needed.

Isis, also known as Aset and Eset, is the Great Goddess of ancient Egypt and a popular Goddess today. Isis' energy is strong, protective and healing

Isis is known as the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, Rebirth, and Magic. After being resurrected by her husband, Osiris, she gave birth to one of the most powerful Gods in Egypt, Horus. She was also considered the Mother of all Egyptian Pharaohs, and eventually the Mother of Egypt.


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