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Egyptian Goddess Goblet

Egyptian Goddess Goblet

Honor the goddess Isis with this opulent treat. 

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Isis Goblet

Invoke the power of Isis at your altar.

Beautifully designed, this cast resin goblet brings the opulence of the Ancient Pharaohs to your altar. The goddess Isis takes center stage on the front of the cup, while hieroglyphics adorn the wall behind her. Isis is depicted here with her wings spread wide in protection. A fiery jewel rests at the base adding to the extravagance of this piece (jewel color varies).

One of the most important goddess of the Ancient World, sacred books and ancient texts give many different accounts of Isis. The cult of Isis spread through the Roman Empire and artifacts of her worship have been found from England to Afghanistan. She is associated with healing, magic, rebirth, death, and fertility.

Having resurrected her husband/brother Osiris in order to produce their son Horus, Isis is also associated with the regrowth of the harvest and the life-giving waters of the River Nile.

Measures approximately 7 inches (17.7 cm) high and comes with a stainless steel insert for easy cleaning.

Isis is known for:

  • Fertility
  • Rebirth
  • Connection to the Seasons
  • The Flow and Cycles of Nature
  • Magic

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