The Great Lady Eset Necklace

The Giver of Life - Great Lady Isis
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The Great Lady Isis Necklace
Also known as Eset and Aset
Design by Holly Bird

The Goddess 'Isis' was worshiped all over Egypt. Some of her titles included "the Great Lady", the "God-mother", and "the Giver of Life." Isis was skilled in the arts of magic. The power of her words compelled others to listen and thereby do whatever was her bidding. Isis is said to have brought her husband Osiris back from the dead, and magically conceive her son "horus" the falcon-god. Because she possesses attributes of all the goddesses, wearing the symbol of Isis summons the goddess power in all of us!

Isis is the Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility, the Sister and Wife of the God Osiris. She is the Goddess of the Moon. Called the White Goddess, she was also described as an "Enchantress" and "Goddess of Magic".

She was said to possess Great Magical Skills, especially in the use of "Words of Power". "Isis" is credited with teaching the Secrets of Medicine to Mankind.

Isis is one of the few Egyptian deities to be depicted with wings, which some say represent the wind and, but are also aspects of The Nurturing, Protective Qualities of the Goddess.

Each pendant is handcrafted in the U.S. by skilled artisans; made of lead-free high quality pewter. Measures 1 1/4 inches in diameter and an adjustable black cord is included.

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