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Jinx Removing Wash

Jinx Removing Wash

Remove Jinxes, Crossed Conditions & More
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Jinx Removing Wash

Bottle contains 8 ounces triple fast action jinx removing wash for bath and floor. Please Notes: Bottle and Color of Wash may differ from photo.

Need to remove a crossed condition, break a jinx or end bad luck? When in a crossed condition, use this wash every day in your bath until the situation is improved. For evil spirits in your home, scrub your floors thoroughly with the wash and then clean window sills, doorknobs and all entrance ways once a week.

Jinx Removing Wash for:

  • Protection from slander and scandal
  • Freeing your home of curses, crossed conditions and spells
  • Removing negative influences of others
  • Removing your own self-defeating thoughts
  • Stopping those who are spreading rumors about you
  • Stopping those who are spreading false gossip about you
  • Breaking power others have over you
  • Guarding against others control
  • Removing hexes
  • Removing crossed conditions
  • Removing evil eye
  • Removing jinxes
  • Removing bad luck


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