Journeying Between the Worlds

Journeying Between the Worlds

Strengthen Your Connection to Nature, Your Inner Wisdom, and Sacred Spirits through Shamanism
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Journeying Between the Worlds

Walking With the Sacred Spirits Through Native American
Shamanic Teachings & Practices
by Eagle Skyfire

Journeying Between the Worlds is written for beginner and intermediate practitioners and shares shamanic teachings in such a way that it is easily understood by people from any culture. This book contains practices that will open the door to dynamic, ever-evolving relationships with Great Spirit, your sacred self, and your ancestors.

With simple exercises that help you build your skills and knowledge, this powerful guide teaches lessons based on spiritual concepts such as shamanic journeying, the Medicine Wheel, dreams and visions, Power Animals, the elements, shamanic tools, the three realms, and much more. Journeying Between the Worlds shows you how to make sacred connections with the natural world, divine beings, and your own soul.


  • Chapter 1: What is a Shaman?
  • Chapter 2: Basic Native American Spiritual Concepts
  • Chapter 3: Preparing Yourself to Journey
  • Chapter 4: How to Journey
  • Chapter 5: Developing Good Relationships with Spirit Beings
  • Chapter 6: The Realms and What You May Find There
  • Chapter 7: Interpreting the Journey
  • Chapter 8: Journeying with the Elements
  • Chapter 9: Crafting Shamanic Tools
  • Chapter 10: Tying it All Together
  • Chapter 11: Maintaining Your Connection in Daily Life

Hard Cover | 216 pages | 5 x 8 inches

Eagle Skyfire is a sought-after teacher, priestess, shaman, and speaker on spirituality. She presents workshops and lectures on shamanism, prophecy, self-healing,


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