Kitchen Witch Broom Natural

Kitchen Witch Broom Natural

For Home, Altar, Hearth & Ritual Use
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Traditional Style
Kitchen Broom

Crafted with Natural Wood Handle & Natural Broomcorn

A study in grace, this natural colored broomcorn is perfect for those who prefer an elegant simplicity to their magic and decor. A beautifully crafted, no frills option, you won't find a more down to earth choice than this. Perfect for any Witch or Wizard for decoration, ritual and actual sweeping!

Crafted from ethically harvested wood in Oregon, this broom gives you a powerful magic ally in an ecologically sustainable way. Approximately 53 inches (1.3 m) long with a brush width of approximately 11 inches wide this is a perfect broom for you!  Using a combination of post-bellum machinery, your broom is made in a traditional style, steeped in history. Your broom is made with natural wood branches, and crafted individually so will vary slightly from photo.

Features of Your Handmade Broom:


  • Handfasting/Wedding Gift
  • House Warming Gift
  • Protection from Bad Luck
  • "Jump the Broom"
  • Sweep away Evil and Negatives
  • Sweep away Debris
  • Hang in Entrance-way or place under your bed, for Protection, Harmony and Good Luck.

Please Note: If you would like a broom for Halloween/Samhain or a Yule gift, plan ahead - the Autumn months and Yule season are our busiest time for brooms and besoms. Warning: Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade some brooms.


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