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Love, Luck, and Lore by Elizabeth Carr

A Guide to Superstitions, Prayers, Spells, and Taking Chances in the Pursuit of Love
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Got my second package earlier this week, and am very pleased with the quality of my herbs, resins, bottles and amulets, as well as the excellent packing job and the speedy shipping. I placed my order late Thursday and received the package on Monday. Wicked!!! I also appreciate the free gift that was included. It's adorable and I'm wearing it on my wrist as I type. I'm looking forward to the next order that I'll place for my Midsummer and Lammas supplies ;) Thank you guys! 13 Moons, you are simply the best!
Rachel Karfit
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Love, Luck, and Lore - A Guide to Superstitions, Prayers, Spells, and Taking Chances in the Pursuit of Love

by Elizabeth Carr, Theresa Hoiles, Illustrated by Robin Campbell

Most cultures and societies around the world have their own unique methods for finding love. For instance, in Genoa, Italy, a yearly celebration commemorates the generosity of Count Fieschi of Lavagna who, in 1240, threw a party with a 30-foot cake. Townsfolk remember him with a parade and a little romance: they pin to their clothing a piece of paper--blue for men, white for women--on which a specific word is written. When they find someone wearing the same word, the couple is given a piece of cake. And the rest is up to them!

This charming practice and many others can be found in Love, Luck, and Lore. In this little book of love, Theresa Hoiles and Elizabeth Carr have collected celebrations and spell rhymes, fortune-telling tricks and food charms to help you snag that guy you've seen at the local coffeehouse.

Try putting a two-leaf clover in your shoe as you say this rhyme:

A clover of two, Put it in your right shoe. The first young man you meet,In field, street, or lane, You'll have him or one of his name.

Or make an apricot love sachet by placing some dried apricots and cloves in the center of a circular piece of cloth and tying it up with ribbon long enough to wear around your neck. The tantalizing aroma should draw potential lovers your way, leaving men weak in your wake.

Sure, you can try a more scientific approach to dating, following rules written by someone with a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Relations from Boring U. But that's no fun! Use these carefree and whimsical approaches, quirky prayers and incantations, to appeal to higher voices and spirits and bring that love into your life!

Elizabeth Carr has been dating half of her 35 years and began her dating career with a cliche -- she fell for the boy next door. Since then she has agreed to blind dates, posted personal ads on the Internet and tried speed dating. All the while playing matchmaker for her friends; consulting on their personal ads and acting as an objective screener. Still on the search for her one and only, she believes in taking action and has tried a trick or two of her own.

Professionally, Elizabeth Carr works a photo publicist at UPN. She has worked in Hollywood since high school on such films as Michael Mann's Heat and Oliver Stone's Wall Street, The Doors and Heaven and Earth. Her television credits include, Everybody Hates Chris, America's Top Model and Veronica Mars to name a few.

5 x 7, 208 pages - Illustrated