Madame Maxina's Pendulum Board by Maxine Miller

Madame Maxine's Pendulum Board will aid you in answering your questions.
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Maxine Miller

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Talking Pendulum Board
by Artist Maxine Miller

Allow Madame Maxine's Pendulum Board to guide you with the aid of the spirits. All you need is a pendulum (not included), the board, a cleared space and yourself. This beautifully designed Talking Spirit Pendulum Dowsing Board by artist Maxine Miller measures 9 inches square. Maxine's artwork is laminated onto a wood board with a black melamine bottom

A pendulum board is a method of divination using a pendulum and a predetermined set of answers. The diviner asks the pendulum a series of questions. Depending on which direction it swings in, it can answer the question with a yes, no, maybe and several other answers.

The first time you use this board, make an effort to establish the directions of “yes” and “no”. Concentrate on the board and ask a question you know the answer to, and observe the movement produced. After sufficient sample questions, you will create a “pact”that will allow them to communicate with you. The Horned God and Great Goddess will encourage you with the affirmation of a “yes”, while the Devil and the Death Demon will dash your hopes with a “no”. A swirling pendulum indicated uncertainty.

Maxine suggest you invite only benign spirits to guide you.

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