The Magic Altar

What you are about to read are suggestions of arranging and setting up an altar. If you would like to do something personal, different than described here, we highly recommend it. Always go with your heart, magic is what you make it. Altars are as individual as you. You will use your altar as a center of focus for spells, meditation and rituals.

An Altar is a sacred space for you and your magical tools. Altars can be set up on coffee tables, desks, book shelves or any type of raised flat surface. Try to choose a space that is quiet and away from any unwanted distractions. It is nice to have a table that you can devote entirely to your Altar so you can add tools or other goodies as you go! Keep in mind that a lot of rituals/spells consist of burning candles, incense, herbs, smudges and other items.

Setting up your Altar outside is another fun option. This is a great way to connect more closely with the earth. If you have a garden this may be an excellent place for your Altar! Large stones, brick work and tree stumps make interesting tables to place your tools.

Boxes are an excellent option as well, especially for people with limited space. You can store all of your tools inside the box and easily pack it up and put it away after rituals or spells. It also makes it easy to take your craft outside or on trips.


Altar set up

Once you have found a nice space and surface, it is time to begin building and assemble your altar.

Wiccan practitioners usually divide their Altars into three sections:

The left section is typically devoted to the Goddess, the divine feminine and the moon. This side will include items such as your chalice, cauldron, Goddess statues, Book of Shadows, herbs offering dish and other items. You may also like to include a candle that represents the Goddess, ususally a white or silver candle.

The right section is of the divine masculine, the God, and the sun. Often found on this side are your athame, boline, wand, God statues and a candle to represent the divine masculine normally black or gold candle.

The center is a good place to put a key element that is connected with you. This might be a statue of a specific deity, a cauldron, crystals, skulls or many other special items. The center is an excellent position for your pentacle or altar tile.

Other items to add to personalize your altar could be: stones, driftwood, bones, sea glass, shells, nuts, pine cones and many other items collected from nature. Seasonal items to decorate and personalize your altar during the seasons or sabbats could be pumpkins, gourds, leaves, dish of snow, pine branch, spring flowers, etc. Please keep in mind, you should never harm or disturb any animal or part of nature; gather and use with respect.