Maiden, Mother, Crone Scrying Bowl

For Scrying, Offerings and Display of Altar Items

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Lisa Parker

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I've been ordering quite frequently from here, and I will continue to be a loyal customer. The prices are well reasonable. The shipping is fast. The service is excellent, and products are great quality. Keep up the great work 13moons. Love ya! Blessed be. :)
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Maiden, Mother, Crone Bowl
by Lisa Parker - Nemesis Now

Maiden, Mother, Crone Bowl features three dimensional art work for your scrying and other ritual work. The Maiden, Mother & Crone are bas relief on your bowl with stars accenting the top and an elegant Celtic border just below them.The Goddesses are linked by a bas relief tree between each one representing our connection with nature and the divine.

The inside of the bowl has a glossy black surface excellent for scrying.

Scrying is the art of foretelling the future or the unknown by looking into an object, usually a dark mirror or bowl of liquid, to reveal insights. The ancients used bowls filled with water in which to gaze and obtain their prophecies. You may also use this bowl to display gemstones, herbs, etc.

Each bowl is made of resin, handpainted, antiqued finished. Measures approximately 6 inches in diameter x 2 1/4 inches tall.

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