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Massage Wand, Nuummite

Massage Wand, Nuummite

Known as The Sorcerer's Stone


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Nuummite Magick Wand

Nuummite, also known as the sorcerer's stone or magician's stone, is a combination of anthophyllite and gedrite. You will see inner crystal flashes of color ranging from bronze and gold to blue and gray. This wand will add another level of strength to any spellcraft.

Use Nuummite to assist with:

  • Intuition
  • Divination
  • Journey Within
  • Grounding
  • Shields against Negatives
  • Protection from "everyday modern culture"
  • Getting in Touch With Earth
  • Stability
  • Luck
  • Energizing
  • Chakra Work - Crown to Earth

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