Massage Wand, Rose Quartz Curved

Use for gentle massage healing.
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Will and Coney once again you have totally blown away my mind with the products I purchase from you at 13moons. Your service is always top notch and expedient as well as the packaging of the items for shipping is so professional.I wanted to let the both of you know that the hern statue arrived today in perfect condition and is just totally beautiful and its so cool the little charms you attach to the billing receipt I always enjoy. I look very much forward to ordering from you very soon. Thank you two so much for total awsumness blessed be
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Rose Quartz Curved Massage Wand

Rose quartz curved massage wand is a beautiful pink in color with nice polished finish. Measures 4 inches.

Use for massage and healing. Your chiropractor or massage therapist can guide you on how to gently massage sore muscles and tendons. I have been using a rose quartz wand on my arms and wrists (too much typing!!) and it is very healing.

For this S curved wand, Rose quartz is ergonomically shaped into a massage wand. Rose quartz is known for:

  • Love
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Progression
  • Dream Work
  • Heart Chakra and much more.

Purchase is for one (1) massage wand.

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