Medieval Money Talisman Pendant

For Wealth and Success.

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Everything came packaged up very nicely, and quicker than expected. I am being attacked spiritually, and physically. My whole life I have had a gift. Things would just find their way to me. They still do. It became so overpowering for me, I blocked the bad stuff. Now, I believe someone is physically, spiritually attacking me. I am working for protection- from the nameless who is attacking me. Long story short, my body is failing. But my spirit is strong. So with my spirit, and my faith, I will protect and banish the entity feeding off of me. Thank you for the supplies, I will be using them to stop the hatred before it harms anyone else. Thank you for aiding me in my journey.
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Medieval Money Talisman Pendant

The Medieval Money Talisman is a potent Magical Talisman since Medieval times, this symbol has been used for millennia to Assure Wealth and Success.

The design consists of 4 Protective Tao Crosses guarding the 4 Cardinal points: North, South, East, and West. Inside these Crosses is the Powerful Symbol AGLA which are the first letters of the Latin phrase meaning "Thou Art Mighty Forever, O Lord." These symbols combine to assure the bearer Unlimited Success and Money! Money! Money!

The artists' designs are found in various Magical Grimoires that they have in their private library. Often the various Magical symbols are so ancient that their origins are lost.

Crafted of High Quality Lead-Free Pewter in the U.S. by skilled artisans. Includes adjustable black cord and information.

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