Tree of Life Triple Moon Goddess

Tree of Life Triple Moon Goddess

A lovely addition for your sacred space.

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Triple Moon Goddess

Maiden, Mother & Crone with Tree of Life

The Triple Goddess has spanned many cultures. She is like the Moon, growing older and returning young. The Maiden is young with fresh life, beauty and excitement. The Mother gives birth to the children of the Earth and bestows love and affection. The Crone is older and wiser and brings knowledge that is needed. And so she returns as the Maiden and on it goes.

Details of the Tree of Life Joining each Goddess:


  • The Waxing Crescent Maiden with her long brains holds a lovely bouquet and stands beneath the flowering tree.
  • The Full Moon Mother stands with hands over her expectant child and stands under the full-fruit tree.
  • The Waning Crescent Crone in her cloak stands beneath the tree holding her Skull Staff.

Maiden, Mother & Crone Associations:


  • The Maiden represents new beginnings, enchantment, youth, enthusiasm and growth.
  • The Mother represents fertility, passion, fulfillment, power, comfort and compassion.
  • The Crone represents knowledge, wisdom, death, calmness and endings.

Your Tree of Life Triple Moon Goddess Statue stands approximately 5.5 x 3.5 inches. Each is finely crafted of quality resin and is finished with hand painted details. Color tones may vary slightly from photos.

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